How to Choose a Falabella Horse

Horses are beautiful creatures. Even without a human riding on them, they create this majestic picture that you can just stare in amazement as they do their own thing. There is also this feeling welling up inside you that you want to own a horse, but as you try to find the best horse to own, you end up realizing that there are different kinds of horses. There are even those that look so small you’d think they are still ponies, but in fact, they are already adults. These miniature horses are also known as Falabella horses. And the only place where they are purely bred is in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

You feel that you need to get your hands on falabella horse for sale, but you have no idea where to start. Here are some of the basic tips that will help you get your hands on the purest and most genuine of the breed.

Before you even get your hands on some falabella horse, ask yourself first what you are going to do with them. There is no harm in owning flashy and spirited falabella horse, but it may not be the right choice for you if you are just wanting them without knowing how to properly take care of them. It is not even a horse for pleasure driving as well, especially when you are a beginner. You need to assess your level of how much you really know about the falabella horses. If you really want one but your level is that of a beginner, it is best that you get a well-trained falabella horse so that you will gain the ability and confidence in handling them.

Once you have decided on the above, you are now ready to choose the Falabella horse. While it can be very difficult to get your hands on a pure breed, but this is only so if you don’t know where to look. It is true that the pure breed ones are bred in Argentina, but there are a couple of locations in the UK that are certified by the Establicimientos Falabella, which is a place in Argentina where the pure Falabellas are bred. It is the UK Falabella Studbook, wherein they got their certification from the aforementioned place.

Once you have found the certified breeder, it is your responsibility that you visit the farm or the breeder of the Falabella horses. It will be easier for you to choose one that has an affinity with you. You can feel that connection, but make sure that you tell the breeder your preferences and your current level of knowledge regarding the miniature horses. They will help you find the right miniature horse that is suitable to your level, but you always have the final say. Before visiting, make sure you make an appointment as well so that they can prepare the farm for you.

Other pony lovers buy shetland ponies for sale instead, since they have similar characteristics that the Falabella horses have. However, they are still different, so you need to make sure that you know the differences between a Shetland and a Falabella horse.

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