The Different Approaches, Aspects, and Types of Environmental Management

The integrated approach to the environmental management is known to be the best from the rest of several approaches. With the main reason that it is the sole approach which takes consideration all environmental components with all the proper management needed.

Upon doing the things mentioned above, the aspects below must be implemented

  • The awareness and Perception of the environment

The Perception Level

Awareness with perception source

The essential role of perception when it comes to the environmental planning


  • Training and Environmental Education

At all School Levels

At all kinds of media

At training and research institutes

  • Management of Resources

Classes of the natural resources

Evaluation and Survey of the eco-resources

Energy, soil, mineral, water and fuel resources

Maximizing the human resources


  • Impact Assessment of the environment

Current condition Assessment

Assessment of the development and the industrial and of the technological impacts

Efforts assessment for the eco-balance

Assessments of the development of the echo friendly strategies


  • The control for the environment degradation including the pollution

Cleaning of the affected environmental area

Control over pollution

Forecasting and monitoring the natural hazards to prevent further damages.


The Two Major Approaches to the Environmental Management

  1. The Conservative Approach which emphasized the need not to overexploit the nature and an essential action to maintain the sustainable development is the conservation of all types of natural resources.
  2. The Preservation Approach which emphasizes the respect of the man to the solemnity of nature and its system and must adapt to its system yet many find this very impossible to happen for there are a lot of human activities, even for tourism that may greatly affect the environment and will distract its balance in the ecosystem.

It is given that the main objective of the environmental management is to utilize properly as well as to conserve all kinds of natural resources. There are three important objectives that were said to be an essential tool and these are the maintenance of the processes of the ecology, preserving the diversity of the genetics, and the utilization of the sustainable development of the natural resources.

In the present years, numbers of approaches were created for the environmental management. Often, some of the regional planning teams adopt the approach of the human ecology yet some of them just use the ecosystem approach or the system analysis type. Ekistics is what has been developed in the year 1977 by Doxiadis it is a study of balance settlement in nature.

So to sum it all up, the Environmental Management as a whole provides a proactive kind of environmental approach, ensuring the balance among all said functions, enabling the effectiveness that directs to the settings of environmental goal, an effectiveness of the auditing process of the environment. Also, there is emphasis with the greener business ethics and environmental management, ecological editing and assessments with the different impacts and the proper management of the waste disposal. For more information, visit Environmental management in West Yorkshire

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